Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Syndication & Wikis: Online Future

This post needs some updating, but for now, I'll simply allude to a new way of both storing and sharing your bookmarks, and even rating websites. The formost "social bookmarking" site is, where you can "keep your favorite websites, music, books, and more in a place where you can always find them, share your favorites with family, friends, and colleagues, and discover new and interesting things by browsing popular & related items." If you are a blogger, you will want to use technorati, because once you set up an account, you can "tag" each of your posts, which will help many more people find your blogs. I need to start tagging the posts in my new genealogy blog. Finally, I just installed a new plugin to Firefox for Stumble Upon. Whenever I see a site I really like, I click on the "thumbs up" icon, while bad or spammy/wormy sites get the "thumbs down." These ratings are shared with those who share my interests, and I have access to other's ratings in the same way. Thanks to my MySpace buddy Jeffery for Stumble Upon.

Great news! Rootsweb has starting syndicating list archives. Check it out! Pick a list, any list, and add to your aggregator or browser. I don't know about IE, but Opera and Konqueror browsers make it super easy to subscribe to RSS feeds these days. Firefox is a bit more difficult -- you click the little square orange syndication icon in the lower right of the window, and create a RSS bookmark. When you choose that bookmark, each post shows to the right of the bookmarks. I've moved to Opera as my main browser these days. Simply click the RSS button in the top toolbar to subscribe and read. Fantastico!

Sharing information & collaboration using Wiki:

Our wonderful Alsachat wiki:
This wiki is a collaboration of people all over the world, who meet weekly in IRC: irc:// or (Java webchat)

Comparing Blogging Software:

Richard Eastman is hosting the Encyclopedia of Genealogy: -- add or improve an article!

I've recently been exploring syndication of my blog. I took the time to set up a "blogroll" at, and read more than just genealogy blogs. There is an amazing variety out there. I've subscribed to a feed of James Joyce's Ulysses, a page a day. And The Shifted Librarian, where I'm sure I'll find all kinds of cool stuff. It isn't all people blethering on about their fun weekend activities! Check out an aggregator/ news syndication reader. This is a great way to get your information without wading through SPAM.

Meet Joe Blog:,9171,1101040621-650732,00.html

Some articles cited in Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter:

Using RSS to Deliver Newsletters:

Vote for RSS to Replace Email Publishing:

RSS Feeds Are the Better Email Newsletters:

Publishers Must Find New Delivery Methods:

R.I.P. E-mail Newsletters:

Interesting use of RSS for genealogy news:

Interesting look at a business view of the new Internet; great links - Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide:

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