Thursday, June 24, 2004

Steve Morse's One Step

More than just Ellis Island in one step, visit Steve
Try out Census & Soundex, other Ship lists and Ship Pictures, New York Naturalizations and Incarcerations, Maps, and Zip Codes.

Every ship arrival to Ellis Island 1892-1924, and links back to the manifest pages. This was a project completed after two years of work with a team of over 50 volunteers. Every one of the 3700 rolls of Ellis Island microfilms from 1892 to 1924 has been indexed. For each arrival they found, they recorded the roll, volume, frame, date, ship-name, and ports. So for the first time, there exists a searchable list of every ship arrival, linked to the manifest. 84,000 ship arrivals are included:

Another VERY useful search is his One-Step SSDI search (5 databases):

Some interesting search options are available at MelissaDATA:

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