Saturday, February 26, 2005

Newest Outrage from Allen Keyes

I got this the other day via a genealogy email list - it was posted by mistake. The listowner has assured me that such pernicious trash will not be allowed on the list again, thank goodness! I waited a few days to simmer down, because I was simply seeing RED after reading this screed. We need to see what these hypocritical and EVIL creeps are up to, so I'm exposing it to the light of day, here.
From: "Alan Keyes"
[recipient email address suppressed]
Subject: More about nominating the right Supreme Court justices
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:41:16 -0500 (EST)
X-Mailer: PHP/4.3.1

With judicial tyranny ruining the nation we love, I want to
personally thank you for standing in support of bolstering the
U.S. Supreme Court with constitutionalists, instead of black-
robed dictators. I appreciate you signing the petition that calls
on President George W. Bush to nominate justices who will
rightfully interpret the Constitution as written. If you need to
quickly check the petition again, here's the address:

You have made your voice heard in the White House. However, to
stop the ominous threat of an out-of-control, liberal judiciary,
it's going to take a loud outcry! We the people must make our
voice heard and send a message to "activist" judges everywhere by
setting a precedent in this nationally publicized case that is
literally, a matter of life and death.

Let's make this the turning point toward ending such radical
rulings as the one that threatens Terri Schindler-Schiavo's life.
The Supreme Court failed her, but it's not yet too late to save
her from execution by starvation.

If you haven't already, please sign an accompanying petition
urging Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature to pass a new
law that will keep robed rogues from condemning Terri to die.
Look for the link below, as well as a link to financially support
an 11th-hour legal and media battle to spare Terri's life.

Tell everyone you know about the judicial tyranny that violates
our God-given, unalienable rights -- even the right to life --
threatens our government and usurps our power. And in the days
ahead, as additional people come to mind, remember you easily can
alert them to this cause! Just return to the petition at Here's the address:

Understanding what is happening as a result of left-wing judicial
activism, won't you please encourage friends and family,
coworkers and acquaintances, Sunday School classmates and church
members to make a stand at

For your convenience, an email message is provided below. Or put
it in your own words. Either way, the address for people to make
a difference is:

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

Declaration Alliance
National Processing Center
P.O. Box 131728
Houston TX 77219-1728

> Donate online to help Terri at:

> Sign a petition to Gov. Bush and Florida legislators at:

> Follow developments in Terri's situation at:

P.S. Let us who know the Lord appeal to the Highest Court: Pray
for a U.S. Supreme Court of God-honoring Justices who will
properly interpret the Constitution, stand up for the sanctity of
life and protect our freedoms as our Founding Fathers originally
intended. Ask for Him to intervene and spare Terri Schindler-
Schiavo's innocent and infinitely precious life. Pray for a
change of heart and mind in the Florida judiciary, pray for
action by the state legislature and Gov. Bush. Ask for Him to
touch hearts and create a loud outcry that cannot be ignored at:



Dear Conservative Friend:

Black-robed radicals on the Florida Supreme Court are unjustly
condemning Terri Schindler-Schiavo to be cruelly starved to death
because they say it is unconstitutional for Florida's legislative
and executive branches to authorize a law that overrides a court

And the very same judicial tyrants that tried to unfairly hand Al
Gore the Presidency in 2000 are getting away with this execution
by starvation because once again America's court of
constitutional last resort --the U.S. Supreme Court -- has let
the people down.

Your help is needed to answer this crisis! Please go to to see what is at stake. Here's the
online address:

Time and again the Supreme Court fails in its constitutional
duty, because the present Supreme Court majority insists on
wrongly interpreting the Constitution as a "living document,"
infinitely malleable to their will, preferences and prejudices.
Their rulings thus, more often than not, stray from our Founders'
original intent and allow a radical judiciary to inflict its
errant morals and nihilist philosophy on our nation.

This must stop! Sign a petition urging President George W. Bush
to halt this destructive decline by putting the right men on the
Supreme Court when given the opportunity. Ask him to nominate
only justices who will faithfully interpret the Constitution as
written in order to bring to an end these outrageous rulings. Act
now at:

Florida Supreme Court "activists" are out of touch with the
decent, God-fearing American people, and with our founding
principles. Our Republic is not a suicide pact! Their rulings
condemning Terri to die are unconstitutional, not "Terri's Law,"
passed by the Florida Legislature at the will of the people. Yet
despite the direct intervention of the people's elected
representatives and chief executive, UN-elected and UN-
accountable judges are allowing husband Michael to remove Terri's
feeding tube and begin her execution by starvation.

Such outrages must be stopped. Don't let judicial tyranny rule!
America must have a last line of defense that upholds the
Constitution as written and halts legislation from the bench.
Here again is where to stand up against judicial dictatorship:

So full of lies, distortion and hypocricy, I can't comment. The thing speaks for itself. -v

Change happens. Progress takes effort.

Friday, February 25, 2005

There are no sects in geometry

Universal religion? Voltaire said it best:
There are no sects in geometry. One does not speak of a Euclidean, an Archimedean. When the truth is evident, it is impossible for parties and factions to arise.... Well, to what dogma do all minds agree? To the worship of a God, and to honesty. All the philosophers of the world who have had a religion have said in all ages: "There is a God, and one must be just." There, then, is the universal religion established in all ages and throughout mankind. The point in which they all agree is therefore true, and the systems through which they differ are therefore false. - Reflections on Religion
Quoted in a wonderful article in The Nation, "Our Godless Constitution" by Brooke Allen:

The man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. - Muhammad Ali

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Freedom of Information Around the World

Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper series on freedom of information laws in different countries, published Sunday, February 13, 2005. Free registration is required to read the articles.

Sweden: World's oldest freedom of info law under threat by Don Melvin:

Open records opening doors in Mexico by Teresa Borden:

Britain's freedom of information law: A 20-year quest by Don Melvin:

China: Despite technologial advances, government controls information by Julie Chao:

Right to know expands around the globe but officials secrecy grows in U.S. by Rebecca Carr:

Thanks to Paul K. Graham for posting these links to APG-L. *The Association of Professional Genealogists:

You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. - Malcolm X

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a novel

This deserves a post of its own! This is a first novel! Unbelievably absorbing and wonderful. JS&MN is set in an England during the Napoleonic Wars where magic was once strong. Mr. Norrell's mission in life is to restore magic in Britain, but only under his strict control. Of course, life (and magic) being what it is, complications ensue. If Jane Austen wrote big, sprawling history books, this would have been published a few hundred years ago.


So much fantasy now written, no matter how wonderful, is based on Tolkien. Clarke bases her book on England's history, and the stories of Faery. Completely wonderful. Order it at your local bookstore,, or at the very least, the library. You owe it to yourself if you love good writing, historical novels, or fantasy -- and especially if you love all three. © 2004 Susanna Clarke. Bloomsbury Publishing, NY NY. ISBN 1-58234-416-7

While you wait, drive yourself crazy with Petals Around the Rose. Once you figure that out, try the Flash Mind Reader.

How little do they see what is, who frame their hasty judgments upon that which seems. - Robert Southey

Friday, February 18, 2005

Remembering those who have left us

All men shall learn as days pass by
They must not cling to what has gone;
They should not grieve for what must die,
Some part of life shall linger on
Some part of those we love will stay to comfort us.

Thinking particularly of Lola Kammer Zimmerman, 1919-2004, my dear mother-in-law, who died a year ago today. But also my own mother, Lola McBee Cowan, 1928-2001, and my beloved cousin Carol Grunke Lauer, 1954-2003, Colin's mom. I know that Bob misses his father, and I miss my grandpa, too. Thank goodness for Bob, Colin, my children, my sister and her family, and my own dad.

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in. - Rachel Carson

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Google Maps!

Best map site I've seen! Check it out here:

Dynamic, interactive maps that are draggable. You re-center by double clicking, or drag, or scroll, or search by address. Completely integrated with Google Local, so you can easily find businesses, too (just type the product you want, such as pizza). I love these maps! So far, it's just the US, with a few major Canadian cities. I was able to find the birthplace of my grandfather in a little village in Ontario, however -- and the cemetery where many of his ancestors are buried! Oh, you can get driving directions, too.

Latest addition -- satellite photos! Just click the little link to the upper right. Sharp, clear, and NEW (2005).

There seem to be no Mexican maps at all -- just blank south of the border. What a great beginning, though.

For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation. - Rainer Maria Rilke 1875-1926

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Missouri Online Resources and Databases (MO state archives):
and Coroner's Inquest Database:

Soldiers Database: War of 1812 - World War I:

Missouri Birth & Death Records Database, Pre-1910:

State Historical Society of Missouri:

Missouri State Census records surviving:
1840 New Madrid, Newton, Pike, Randolph, Ray, *Rives (later Henry), Shelby, Stoddard, and Warren
1844 Callaway, Greene
1856 Audrain
1868 Cape Girardeau
1876 Atchison, Benton, Butler, Callaway, *Cape Girardeau, Christian, Daviess, Franklin, Gasconade, Greene, *Holt, *Howard, *McDonald, Madison, Moniteau, Montgomery, *Osage, Perry, Phelps, *Reynolds, Ripley, St. Francois, Stone, Texas, Webster, and Worth
*Has been published, indexed, or both. The originals returns were filed with the Clerks of the County Courts.
Local Historical, Museum, and Genealogical Agencies (by county):

Missouri Old Newspapers:

University of Missouri Digital Library:

St. Louis County Library Genealogy:
Indexes to Register of Births, St. Louis County, Missouri 1883-1895; Stillbirths, St. Louis County, Missouri 1883-1908; Fifty Years on the Mississippi (many Riverboat Captains); Immanuel Lutheran Church Records (St. Louis, MO); St. Louis Enlistees Extracted from Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914 (Regular Army) - 1855; St. Louis, MO Naturalization Index 51,000+ Names; History of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis

Almost 10,000 Missouri links at Linkpendium:

No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. - P. J. O'Rourke

Monday, February 14, 2005

Non-Governmental Politics

Politics that isn't about government? Isn't that outside the dictionary definition of "politics"? Well, no. When I asked Google for a definition (define:politics), this was the top result: Definitions of politics on the Web - social relations involving authority or power ( I'm not giving up on writing letters to my Congresscritters just because Republicans have all three branches of the federal government in their hands at the minute. However, other forms of political action must be engaged in, or the forces of repression, hate and fear will more firmly establish their death grip over not just goverment, but every other form of power over us that they can grab.

Just read two articles that lead to this thought process. In Alternet MediaCulture: America Offline and Online, Zephyr Teachout discusses ways that the progressive movement can use the Internet to build community OFFline. What a concept -- people meeting together, seeing one another, discussing issues and agreeing on local projects. I hope that this article is widely read. She says, "if we start to think of the internet as an organizing tool first – a database of places as well as ideas, a database of calendars as well as pictures, we can also build a completely new social structure. It won't look like the voluntary associations of the 1950s, but it might get us past the isolation of the aughts."

On the Center for Digital Democracy, Jeff Chester and Gary O. Larson's article How to Prepare for the Era of the Speedy Internet discusses making sure that the broadband of the future is not co-opted by the corporations. We have, as a society, insured that television and radio served the public interest, no matter how flawed that effort has been. How are we insuring that in the new high-speed Internet? Read this article, and get involved:

Anybody have any other great resources for non-governmental political action?

Interesting site mentioned in one of my favorite weekly NPR shows, On The Media - Center for Public Integrity:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King, Jr

Friday, February 11, 2005

Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

Thanks, Bob!

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. - Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

America's Obituaries & Death Notices

Source list for America's Obituaries & Death Notices

Searches are free, and I can get you the text through my library:

Email me for a lookup in the database.

Source Date Range
Aberdeen American News (SD) (1/1/2001-Current)
Abilene Reporter-News (TX) (5/21/2003-Current, selected coverage from 12/13/2002)
Advocate, The (Baton Rouge, LA) (1/1/1986-Current)
Advocate, The (Newark, OH) (9/1/2002-Current)
Agweek (12/25/1995-Current)
Akron Beacon Journal (OH) (1/7/1985-Current)
Alameda Journal (CA) (2/8/2002-Current)
Alameda Times-Star (CA) (9/15/2001-Current)
Albuquerque Journal (NM) (1/6/1995-Current)
Albuquerque Tribune, The (NM) (10/29/2001-Current)
Alexandria Daily Town Talk (LA) (3/29/1999-Current)
Algonquin Countryside (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Amarillo Globe-News (TX) (6/20/2002-Current)
Anaheim Bulletin: Orange County Register weekly (CA) (5/27/2004-Current)
Anaheim Hills News: Orange County Register weekly (CA) (5/27/2004-Current)
Anchorage Daily News (AK) (10/3/1985-Current)
Anderson Independent-Mail (SC) (1/31/1998-Current)
Angleton Times, The (TX) (7/31/2002-3/10/2004)
Antioch Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Argus, The (Fremont-Newark, CA) (9/15/2001-Current)
Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) (1/2/1999-Current)
Arizona Daily Star, The (Tucson, AZ) (1/3/1991-Current)
Arizona Republic, The (Phoenix, AZ) (1/8/1999-Current)
Arlington Heights Post (IL) (1/10/2002-Current)
Asbury Park Press (Neptune, NJ) (1/2/1999-Current)
Asheville Citizen-Times (NC) (1/1/1999-Current)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) (1/1/1985-Current)
Augusta Chronicle, The (GA) (1/1/1994-Current)
Austin American-Statesman (TX) (1/1/1989-Current)
Bakersfield Californian, The (CA) (2/21/2003-Current)
Bangor Daily News (ME) (12/14/1992-Current)
Barrington Courier-Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Battle Creek Enquirer (MI) (5/4/2002-Current)
Baytown Sun, The (TX) (4/2/2001-Current)
Beacon News, The (Aurora, IL) (1/1/1997-Current)
Beaumont Enterprise, The (TX) (11/27/2000-Current)
Belleville News-Democrat (IL) (10/17/2000-Current)
Bellingham Herald, The (WA) (9/4/1999-Current)
Bennington Banner (VT) (12/19/2003-Current, selected coverage from 11/18/99-1/9/02)
Berkeley Voice, The (CA) (11/30/2001-Current)
Berkshire Eagle, The (Pittsfield, MA) (12/31/2003-Current, selected coverage from 1/10/1998-11/04/03)
Bismarck Tribune, The (ND) (1/24/1993-Current)
Blade, The (Toledo, OH) (9/25/1996-Current)
Boston Globe, The (MA) (1/1/1980-Current)
Boston Herald (MA) (1/1/1997-Current)
Bowie Blade News, The (MD) (10/3/2002-Current)
Bradenton Herald (FL) (1/19/1991-Current)
Brattleboro Reformer (VT) (10/21/2003-Current, selected coverage from 6/7/00-6/18/02)
Brazosport Facts, The (Clute, TX) (8/29/2001-Current)
Brentwood News (CA) (5/9/1997-Current)
Broomfield Enterprise (Boulder, CO) (5/2/2001-Current)
Brush News Tribune (CO) (8/8/2002-Current)
Bucks County Courier Times (Levittown, PA) (11/1/2002-Current)
Buffalo Grove Countryside (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Buffalo News, The (NY) (1/1/1989-Current)
Burlington County Times (Willingboro, NJ) (12/16/2002-Current)
Burlington Free Press (VT) (1/4/1999-Current)
Californian, The (Salinas, CA) (6/10/2002-Current)
Canyon Life - Ladera Post - Rancho Santa Margaita News: Orange County Register weeklies (CA) (5/14/2004-Current)
Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA) (1/1/1999-Current)
Capistrano Valley News: Orange County Register weekly (CA) (5/20/2004-Current)
Capital, The (Annapolis, MD) (4/2/2002-Current)
Capital Times, The (Madison, WI) (3/20/1989-Current)
Carolina Morning News (GA) (7/1/1999-Current)
Cary-Grove Countryside (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Central Wisconsin Sunday (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) (5/4/2003-Current)
Centre Daily Times (State College, PA) (5/10/1996-Current)
Chapel Hill Herald (Durham, NC) (1/1/2002-Current)
Chapel Hill News, The (NC) (5/3/2000-Current)
Charleston Daily Mail (WV) (10/14/2003-Current)
Charleston Gazette (WV) (10/15/2003-Current)
Charlotte Observer (NC) (1/1/1992-Current)
Chicago Sun-Times (IL) (1/1/1986-Current)
Chicago Tribune (IL) (1/1/1985-Current)
Chicago Tribune Historical Archive (IL) (1860-1984)
Chicago Tribune RedEye Edition (IL) (10/30/2002-Current)
Chico Enterprise-Record (Chico, CA) (9/12/2003-Current)
Chillicothe Gazette, The (OH) (4/24/2003-Current)
Chronicle-Tribune (Marion, IN) (3/18/1999-Current)
Cincinnati Enquirer, The (OH) (1/5/1999-Current)
Cincinnati Post, The (OH) (4/2/1990-Current)
Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS) (1/2/1999-Current)
Coastal Antiques and Art (Savannah, GA) (7/1/2002-Current)
Coastal Senior (Savannah, Ga) (6/1/2004-Current)
Columbia Daily Tribune (MO) (1/2/1998-Current)
Columbian, The (Vancouver, WA) (5/27/1994-Current)
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA) (7/22/1994-Current)
Commercial Appeal, The (Memphis, TN) (6/27/1990-Current)
Concord Monitor (NH) (10/1/2002-Current)
Connecticut Post (CT) (9/18/2001-Current)
Contra Costa Sun (CA) (2/28/1996-4/18/2001)
Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) (6/1/1995-Current)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (TX) (1/4/2001-Current)
Coshocton Tribune (OH) (9/22/2002-Current)
Courier-Journal, The (Louisville, KY) (1/13/1999-Current)
Courier-News, The (Elgin, IL) (7/4/1998-Current)
Courier-News (Bridgewater, NJ) (1/1/1999-Current)
Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, NJ) (1/1/1999-Current)
Daily Advance, The (Elizabeth City, NC) (11/9/2004-Current)
Daily Advertiser, The (Lafayette, LA) (11/5/2001-Current)
Daily Camera, The (Boulder, CO) (5/2/2001-Current)
Daily Democrat, The (Woodland, CA) (8/16/2004-Current)
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) (3/7/1995-Current)
Daily Journal, The (Vineland, NJ) (8/28/1999-Current)
Daily News, The (Lebanon, PA) (9/14/2001-Current)
Daily News Leader (Staunton, VA) (6/22/1999-Current)
Daily News of Los Angeles (CA) (10/3/1985-Current)
Daily Oklahoman, The (Oklahoma City) (11/1/1982-Current)
Daily Press (Newport News, VA) (1/1/1989-Current)
Daily Record (Morristown, NJ) (1/07/2004-Current)
Daily Reflector, The (Greenville, NC) (8/30/2004-Current)
Daily Review, The (Hayward, CA) (9/15/2001-Current)
Daily Sentinel, The (Grand Junction, CO) (5/3/2004-Current)
Daily Sentinel, The (Nacogdoches, TX) (8/31/04-Current)
Daily Sentinel, The (Scottsboro, AL) (9/28/2004-Current)
Daily Southtown (Chicago, IL) (7/31/2004-Current, currency varies)
Daily Times, The (Farmington, NM) (2/16/2004-Current)
Daily Times, The (Maryville, TN) (12/1/2003-Current)
Daily Times, The (Salisbury, MD) (1/15/1999-Current)
Daily Tribune, The (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) (1/28/2003-Current)
Daily World (Opelousas, LA) (2/9/2004-Current)
Dallas Morning News, The (includes Arlington Morning News) (TX) (8/12/1984-Current)
Darien News-Review (CT) (10/15/2001-Current)
Davis Enterprise, The (CA) (7/18/1999-Current)
Day, The (New London, CT) (7/24/2003-Current)
Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) (3/27/1996-Current)
Dayton Daily News (OH) (2/1/1990-Current)
Deerfield Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Denver Post, The (CO) (6/3/1989-Current)
Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) (4/7/1988-Current)
Desert Sun, The (Palm Springs, CA) (1/1/1999-Current)
Des Moines Register, The (IA) (1/18/1999-Current)
Des Plaines Times (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Detroit Free Press (MI) (3/5/1982-Current)
Detroit News, The (MI) (1/1/1999-Current)
Duluth News-Tribune (MN) (1/1/1995-Current)
East Dubuque Register (IA) (1/24/2003-Current)
Eastside Journal, The (Bellevue, WA) (12/4/1999-1/13/2003)
Edgebrook Times Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Edison-Norwood Times Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Edwardsville Intelligencer (IL) (7/4/2000-Current)
El Cerrito Journal (CA) (11/2/2001-Current)
Elk Grove Times (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Elm Leaves (Elmwood Park, IL) (1/2/2002-Current)
El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL) (1/1/1983-Current)
El Paso Times (TX) (4/15/1999-Current)
Emporia Gazette, The (KS) (4/1/2002-Current)
Evanston Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Evansville Courier, The (IN) (6/19/1991-Current; one month lag, 10/25/00-10/21/01 unavailable)
Evening Sun, The (Hanover, PA) (9/15/2001-Current)
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (AK) (9/17/2001-Current)
Fairfield Citizen News (CT) (9/17/2001-Current)
Fayetteville Observer, The (NC) (1/18/1988-Current)
Flint Journal, The (MI) (10/3/1995-Current)
Florida Times-Union, The (Jacksonville, FL) (1/12/1996-Current)
Florida Today (Melbourne, FL) (1/1/1999-Current)
Forest Leaves (River Forest, IL) (1/2/2002-Current)
Fort Bragg Advocate News (CA) (9/20/2001-Current)
Fort Collins Coloradoan (CO) (1/1/1999-Current)
Fort Morgan Times (CO) (9/14/1999-Current)
Fort Pierce Tribune (FL) (8/13/2002-Current)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) (1/1/1991-Current)
Franklin Park Herald-Journal (IL) (1/2/2002-Current)
Free Lance-Star, The (Fredericksburg, VA) (1/1/2004-Current)
Fresno Bee, The (CA) (2/5/1987-Current)
Fullerton News Tribune: Orange County Register weekly (CA) (5/20/2004-Current)
Galveston County Daily News, The (TX) (1/1/2002-Current)
Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City) (1/4/1992-Current)
Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO) (4/2/1988-Current)
Glencoe News (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Glenview Announcements (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Graham Leader (TX) (11/29/2002-Current)
Grand Forks Herald (ND) (10/1/1987-Current)
Grand Rapids Press, The (MI) (8/6/2000-Current)
Grayslake Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Great Falls Tribune (MT) (1/1/1999-Current)
Green Bay Press-Gazette (WI) (1/1/1999-Current)
Greensboro News & Record (NC) (1/1/1990-Current)
Greenville News, The (SC) (1/2/1999-Current)
Greenwich Citizen (CT) (11/8/2002-Current)
Groton Landmark (MA) (9/18/2001-Current)
Grunion Gazette, The (Long Beach, CA) (1/24/2002-Current)
Gurnee Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Hartford Courant, The (CT) (7/9/1991-Current)
Harvard Hillside (MA) (9/18/2001-Current)
Hattiesburg American (MS) (4/13/2000-Current)
Hawk Eye, The (Burlington, IA) (1/1/2003-Current)
Herald, The (Rock Hill, SC) (5/1/2004-Current)
Herald & Review (Decatur, IL) (11/1/1993-Current)
Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) (1/1/1999-Current)
Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC) (1/1/2004-Current)
Herald News, The (Joliet, IL) (1/2/1997-Current)
Herald-Sun, The (Durham, NC) (1/1/2002-Current)
Herald Times Reporter, The (Manitowoc, WI) (6/8/2004-Current)
Highland Park News (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Hoffman Estates Review (IL) (1/3/2002-Current)
Honolulu Advertiser, The (Hawaii) (1/1/1999-Current)
Houston Chronicle (TX) (10/30/1985-Current)
Idaho Statesman, The (Boise, ID) (1/26/1999-Current)
Indianapolis Star, The (IN) (1/1/1999-Current)
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA) (4/9/2002-Current, 5/21/02-7/11/02 unavailable)
Intelligencer, The (Doylestown, PA) (11/01/2002-Current)
Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA) (1/2/1995-Current)
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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Lista Wildsteina online - 240,000 WWII+ Polish names

A list of 240,000 names of Polish secret agents, informers, secret service employees, and victims of persecution during the Communist era was leaked on the Internet at the end of January 2005. If you have Polish family members, finding a relative's name there may explain why that person left the country suddenly, or could not leave when the rest of the family did. "Lista Wildsteina" (Wildstein's list) is now available on many web sites and peer-to-peer file sharing networks and is also available (in Polish) as a searchable database:

More info:

Thank you to Richard Eastman for reporting this in his fine genealogy newsletter, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Genealogist feedback available on his bulletin board:

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Alsace Genealogy Lists

The updated version of this post is now at my Genealogy-only blog:


Toute la généalogie et l'histoire en Alsace et en Moselle. Départements 57-67-68-90 et régions aux alentours. Histoire, généalogie, onomastique, héraldique, toponymie, dans les régions germaniques du nord-est de la FRANCE. Aides à la recherche, traductions, interprétations, transcriptions, des actes de l'état-civil, des registres paroissiaux protestants et catholiques, des différents notariats et autres textes historiques anciens. Since 2001, in French. 1195 members.

   The ancient "Regio" cities (Alsace, Baden, Nordwestschweiz/Northwest Switzerland

   German-Alsatian traditions, culture, folklore, heritage

   Ancient nobility of the Alsatian-Rhenan area (Alsace, France & Rhenish Palatinate/German Rheinpfalz, Germany)



   City of Rosheim & surrounding areas at the foot of Mount Sainte-Odile, Alsace, France, & Decapolis related matters

   City of Strasbourg, Alsace, France, and surrounding areas

   Keskastel, Bas-Rhin region of France and its inhabitants since the 1600s



Also, the FRA-Franche-Comté-L covers the Territoire-de-Belfort:

List in French only, sponsored by the Cercle Généalogique d'Alsace (CGA)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books

The Outlander Series is five books so far:

Outlander - was gripping. I got a lot less sleep than I should have, because I couldn't close the book! I really loved Claire and Jamie, and was completely gripped by the troubles they met and triumphed over, with such style! 850 pages (paperback). It's set in the Highlands of Scotland, near where my McPhails, Macphersons and MacQueens came from, and straddles the world of post-war Britain and 18th-century Scotland. Sex, romance, fantasy, history, heroic deeds AND genealogy -- what's not to like? It was even better than I hoped.

Dragonfly in Amber - another sleep-thief. Bookended by Clair's situation between her return to the 40s, and the present (60s). The rest is Clair and Jamie in France, playing a very dangerous game. We meet Bree (Brianna) and Roger, the adopted son of the Rev. Mr. Reginald Wakefield, Frank's friend and fellow researcher. Of course, the plot thickens!


Drums of Autumn

The Fiery Cross

These books were recommended on Scottish genealogy lists, because of the genealogy thread that runs through them all, and the basis in historical reality. The genealogy of the major characters is a major plot device, but even if you are not fascinated by this window on the past, you will love the writing, the characters, the plotting, the pacing. Top-notch.

While waiting for Voyager to arrive, I checked out Lord John and the Private Matter out of the library. Based on a minor character from the Outlander series, it is *delightful*. I didn't pick up on the fact that Lord John is gay, and the plot of the mystery involves the gay -- and hidden -- London of the 1750s, during the Seven Years War. I swear Diana Gabaldon read the Dave Brandstetter novels! Lord John is a very similar character, and conducts his investigation in much the same way. I would want Lord John and Dave on my side if I had a "private matter" to clear up. :-)

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How are souls made?

Vale of soul making

How are souls made? ...How but by the medium of a world like this... I can scarcely express what I can but dimly perceive [but] I will put it in the most homely form possible. I will call the world a school instituted for the purpose of teaching little children to read. I will call the human heart the hornbook used in that school. And I will call the child able to read, the soul made from that school and its hornbook. Do you see how necessary a world of pains and trouble is to school an intelligence and make it a soul? A place where the heart must feel and suffer in a thousand diverse ways. - John Keats, 1795-1821

Thanks to Paul Herrick for revealing this quote in his article about the tsunami: