Sunday, June 27, 2004

Finding Living Persons

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Estranged or Lost Relatives and Friends

First, search telephone records - The Ultimate White Pages: Be sure to play around with the search parameters. The more slots you fill out, the fewer matches you will get. Sometimes a surname and state are all you will want to enter.

Search Polk City Directories for 1000+ cities:
Canadian City Directories:

If you have an address, current or not, you may be able to use online property records:

Do you know the approximate birthday? Try Steve Morse's Obtaining Birthdays in One Step:

Sometimes a Google Search will turn up the person's name: Other search engines are useful, also. Search on the name email address, or even address/phone number!

Of course, if you have a phone number or address, you will want to do a Reverse Search: Present occupants may know where your person has moved. Google will do a simple reverse search also - just type the phone number or street address into the Google search box.

More resources - Telephone Directories and Locators:

Note: SuperPages, InfoSpace, Dogpile, Yahoo & Switchboard = Acxion, WhitePages = W3 Data, Inc., WhoWhere = Lycos. - Finding People - Lost Family and Friends:

Lots of interesting categories and links at the Virtual Gumshoe:


$$$ MelissaDATA's PeopleFinder:

$$$ USSearch:

Tracing Living People (UK):

France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, UK, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific.

French Telephone Directories: or

Message Boards - Lost Family & Friends:
WWII Lost & Found:

Finding People & Places:

Books: Locating Lost Family Members and Friends by Kathleen Hinckley, CGRS:
P.O. Box 740637, Arvada CO 80006-0637. (303) 422-9371, FAX (303) 456-8825.

Find Anyone Fast: Easy-to-Use Guide to Finding Anyone Anywhere! Including How
to Use the Internet
by Richard S. Johnson & Debra Johnson Knox, Spartanburg SC. MIE Publishing: 1-800-937-2133 or

How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military By Col. Richard S. Johnson
Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc.: 512-719-3595, FAX 512-719-3594, P O Box 33244, Austin, Texas 78764.

Assets Unknown by David W. Folsom, PO Box 6128, Sheridan WY 82801.

The Ultimate Search Book: Worldwide Adoption and Vital Records by Lori Carangelo:

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Anonymous said...

Also use for free people searches. Sometimes turns up info and lists spouses not in the phone directories.

Scrogginsdata said...

Many states, counties, or cities have property-related records online. I have found them quite helpful when you have an address, whether current or not. One good starting point is at

Valorie Zimmerman said...

Thanks to both of you, anonymous and Scrogginsdata. I have added the links you suggested.