Monday, February 11, 2008

Terry Pratchett works

Terry Pratchett deserves his own post, so I'm excising stuff from previous posts.

(from a 2005 post)
Thanks to Thomas I have fallen in love with Terry Pratchett, and recently finished Monstrous Regiment (2003). Hilarious, as usual! A send-up of war, and gender politics, quite needed in these dark days as we close in on the elections. [hmmmm -- how much has changed?]

According to Terry Prachett, he has written 26 Discworld novels. I've read Hogfather, The Fifth Elephant, and Wyrd Sisters. So 22 more -- I'd better get on it! Hmmmmm - Heart O has 29:
1) The Color of Magic
2) The Light Fantastic
3) Equal Rites
4) Mort
5) Sourcery
6) Wyrd Sisters *
7) Pyramids
8) Guards! Guards!
9) Eric
10) Moving Pictures
11) Reaper Man
12) Witches Abroad
13) Small Gods
14) Lords and Ladies
15) Men at Arms
16 Soul Music
17) Interesting Times
18) Maskerade
19) Feet of Clay
20) Hogfather *
21) Jingo
22) The Last Continent
23) Carpe Jugulum
24) The Fifth Elephant *
25) The Truth
26) Thief of Time
27) Night Watch
28) Monstrous Regiment *
29) Going Postal *

Just finished my first non-Diskworld Pratchett, The Wee Free Men (2003), which I absolutely LOVED. And am about to embark on the second book about Tiffany Aching and her buddies the Wee Free Men (aka the Nac Mac Feegle, or "pictsies"), A Hat Full of Sky. Looking forward to the pleasure. I've been snacking on too many books, and not reading enough of them whole.

Finally got Going Postal by Terry Prachett (2004) from the library. What a hoot! This is a wonderful riff on modern communications and the nature of freedom, integrity and .... HOPE. Three cheers for Moist Van Lipwig, arch-swindler!

Good Omens is reviewed with the Neil Gaiman works:

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