Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Neil Gaiman works

Stardust (1999) is the latest Neil Gaiman book I've finished. Quite different than the movie of the same name, it is a delightful short novel. Coming of age by going to Fairie, and then never being able to go home again -- it's hardly a new plot. But Gaiman creates a hero who grows and changes, who has a history, who learns to love, and to change. As does the Star, who learns to live upon the Earth, to make a life here, to heal and forgive and love. Some of the minor characters grow and change too. I'm loving this Gaiman fellow!

Previously read and reviewed: Neverwhere, American Gods, the films MirrorMask and Stardust. Now reading Creatures of the Night (with Michael Zulli, artist: Dark Horse Books, undated), a graphic fantasy short collection. I liked the two short stories, and the artwork was OK. One can read the entire book in much less than an hour.

I'll review Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (1990) here, although Terry Pratchett is listed as the first of the two authors, but he does say that Gaiman sent him the first six pages, LOL! They both say that they wrote the book as a lark, and were pleased and surprised as Punch when it was not only published, but became a Cult Classic. Very funny, and a wonderful blend of the two authors. I'm quite pleased that they were able to double-handedly avert Armageddon, which sounds very unpleasant!

Next up: Sandman, the graphic novel.

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