Sunday, March 06, 2005

Research Helps available FREE!

The LDS offers lots of research helps, online and FREE. For help with German research, go to and click the Search tab, then the Research Helps, and then the letter G. Scroll down to the Germany section where you will see a number of files:

Determining a Place of Origin in Germany [PDF]
Genealogical Handbook of German Research [PDF]
German Genealogical Word List 34067
German Letter-Writing Guide [PDF] 34066
Germany Research Outline 34061
Handwriting Guide: German Gothic [PDF] 36316
How to Use the Meyers Gazetteer [PDF]
Latin Genealogical Word List 34077
Modern Germany Map
The German Empire Map, 1871 to 1918

There are many detailed guides for some parts of Germany, for instance: Baden, Bayern, Brandenburg, and Braunschweig (that is just the Bs!). For the French files, click the letter F, and scroll down to France:

Church Record Baptisms [PDF]
France Historical Background [PDF]
France Map
France Research Outline [PDF] 34715
France, Church Record Baptism 1792-Present [PDF]
France, Church Record Marriage 1564 -1791 [PDF]
France, Church Record Marriage 1792-Present [PDF]
France, Civil Registration Birth 1792-Present [PDF]
France, Civil Registration Marriage 1792-Present [PDF]
French Genealogical Word List34060
French Letter-Writing Guide [PDF] 34059
French Republican Calendar Research Outline 34046
How Do I Begin? [PDF]
Latin Genealogical Word List 34077

*If there is an item number following the listing, the booklet may be ordered online, or purchased at your local FHC. Of course, you can still print it out for free.

There are research outlines for many countries around the world, as well as the 50 states of the US, and the the provinces of Canada. Some of the provinces, in fact, have specialized guides.

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