Friday, March 11, 2005

Bebo, and

Normally I'm not a fan of this sorta stuff, but is easy, fun, useful. I can see a family using it, or a group of friends. There are three parts; the addressbook, the pictures, and the journal. The photos and journal can be made public, like mine at (no photos yet, sorry!). Anyone you want to share your contact info, pix and comments with, you simply invite to the site. Once they respond and enter their contact info, you are asked by the site to confirm that this is indeed the person you want to share info with. Only once you confirm is your information and pictures available to the person you invited. A great way to ensure that everyone has up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, plus the ease of uploading the pictures and responding to them is just great.

A much more one-purpose site I've recently run across is the brand new site: If you ever have trouble remembering birthdays and appointments, this site is for you. It will email you reminders of unique events such as appointments and meetings, and annual events such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can label each event in any way you like, and schedule up to 3 reminder emails for each event. You can request family and friends to enter their dates for you through the site, or you can set it up yourself. Free, of course, and so far, free of ads also.

I have tried out other web services, and always end up not continuing to use them, for one reason or another. Bebo and ReminderAnywhere are two I think I'll stick with.

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