Monday, March 21, 2005

For God's Sake, Let Her Go!

Is it torture if she doesn't feel pain? Surely Terri Shiavo's parents would be guilty of torture if she was feeling pain. I know that they love her dearly, but prolonging the life of her poor body long after most of her brain has died is not in her interest. So why have her parents been able to keep this in the courts, even though her husband and the doctors agree that she should be allowed to die peacefully?

Why have we had the shameful experience of the Congress of the United States injecting themselves into the controversy, and even the President? I can only think that it is the power of the so-called Religious Right. Do they really think that Jesus would say, "keep that feeding tube in"?

I feel the agony of Terri Shiavo's spirit every day, imprisoned in that wasted body. A 15-year sentence is long enough. My daily prayer is that Terri Shiavo be allowed to die and be released from bondage.

We don't see things as they are, we see them as *we* are. - Anais Nin


Anonymous said...

There comes a time to let go
Let God.

Seems that time has come.

Vermyndax said...

I completely agree. This has gone on far too long and these people need to let her go. I think the strength of her husband has been tested far beyond any emotion I could possibly imagine as well.