Saturday, February 26, 2005

Newest Outrage from Allen Keyes

I got this the other day via a genealogy email list - it was posted by mistake. The listowner has assured me that such pernicious trash will not be allowed on the list again, thank goodness! I waited a few days to simmer down, because I was simply seeing RED after reading this screed. We need to see what these hypocritical and EVIL creeps are up to, so I'm exposing it to the light of day, here.
From: "Alan Keyes"
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Subject: More about nominating the right Supreme Court justices
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:41:16 -0500 (EST)
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With judicial tyranny ruining the nation we love, I want to
personally thank you for standing in support of bolstering the
U.S. Supreme Court with constitutionalists, instead of black-
robed dictators. I appreciate you signing the petition that calls
on President George W. Bush to nominate justices who will
rightfully interpret the Constitution as written. If you need to
quickly check the petition again, here's the address:

You have made your voice heard in the White House. However, to
stop the ominous threat of an out-of-control, liberal judiciary,
it's going to take a loud outcry! We the people must make our
voice heard and send a message to "activist" judges everywhere by
setting a precedent in this nationally publicized case that is
literally, a matter of life and death.

Let's make this the turning point toward ending such radical
rulings as the one that threatens Terri Schindler-Schiavo's life.
The Supreme Court failed her, but it's not yet too late to save
her from execution by starvation.

If you haven't already, please sign an accompanying petition
urging Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature to pass a new
law that will keep robed rogues from condemning Terri to die.
Look for the link below, as well as a link to financially support
an 11th-hour legal and media battle to spare Terri's life.

Tell everyone you know about the judicial tyranny that violates
our God-given, unalienable rights -- even the right to life --
threatens our government and usurps our power. And in the days
ahead, as additional people come to mind, remember you easily can
alert them to this cause! Just return to the petition at Here's the address:

Understanding what is happening as a result of left-wing judicial
activism, won't you please encourage friends and family,
coworkers and acquaintances, Sunday School classmates and church
members to make a stand at

For your convenience, an email message is provided below. Or put
it in your own words. Either way, the address for people to make
a difference is:

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

Declaration Alliance
National Processing Center
P.O. Box 131728
Houston TX 77219-1728

> Donate online to help Terri at:

> Sign a petition to Gov. Bush and Florida legislators at:

> Follow developments in Terri's situation at:

P.S. Let us who know the Lord appeal to the Highest Court: Pray
for a U.S. Supreme Court of God-honoring Justices who will
properly interpret the Constitution, stand up for the sanctity of
life and protect our freedoms as our Founding Fathers originally
intended. Ask for Him to intervene and spare Terri Schindler-
Schiavo's innocent and infinitely precious life. Pray for a
change of heart and mind in the Florida judiciary, pray for
action by the state legislature and Gov. Bush. Ask for Him to
touch hearts and create a loud outcry that cannot be ignored at:



Dear Conservative Friend:

Black-robed radicals on the Florida Supreme Court are unjustly
condemning Terri Schindler-Schiavo to be cruelly starved to death
because they say it is unconstitutional for Florida's legislative
and executive branches to authorize a law that overrides a court

And the very same judicial tyrants that tried to unfairly hand Al
Gore the Presidency in 2000 are getting away with this execution
by starvation because once again America's court of
constitutional last resort --the U.S. Supreme Court -- has let
the people down.

Your help is needed to answer this crisis! Please go to to see what is at stake. Here's the
online address:

Time and again the Supreme Court fails in its constitutional
duty, because the present Supreme Court majority insists on
wrongly interpreting the Constitution as a "living document,"
infinitely malleable to their will, preferences and prejudices.
Their rulings thus, more often than not, stray from our Founders'
original intent and allow a radical judiciary to inflict its
errant morals and nihilist philosophy on our nation.

This must stop! Sign a petition urging President George W. Bush
to halt this destructive decline by putting the right men on the
Supreme Court when given the opportunity. Ask him to nominate
only justices who will faithfully interpret the Constitution as
written in order to bring to an end these outrageous rulings. Act
now at:

Florida Supreme Court "activists" are out of touch with the
decent, God-fearing American people, and with our founding
principles. Our Republic is not a suicide pact! Their rulings
condemning Terri to die are unconstitutional, not "Terri's Law,"
passed by the Florida Legislature at the will of the people. Yet
despite the direct intervention of the people's elected
representatives and chief executive, UN-elected and UN-
accountable judges are allowing husband Michael to remove Terri's
feeding tube and begin her execution by starvation.

Such outrages must be stopped. Don't let judicial tyranny rule!
America must have a last line of defense that upholds the
Constitution as written and halts legislation from the bench.
Here again is where to stand up against judicial dictatorship:

So full of lies, distortion and hypocricy, I can't comment. The thing speaks for itself. -v

Change happens. Progress takes effort.

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