Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Search New York City Births at Ancestry, 1891-1902:

Search the White Pages at Ancestry:

AIS Census Indexes at Ancestry:

Interview Questions:

Charts and Forms (incl. blank census forms, Pedigree/Ancestral Chart & Family Group Sheets):
  More Charts and Forms:

RootsWeb's Soundex Converter:
Yet Another Soundex Converter (YASC): Can do a string of surnames separated by commas

Need a temporary email address you can check? Try Mailinator:
Similar service that forwards 3 emails from the temp address - Spamgourmet:

That's enough for now. Thanks for putting this idea into my head, Hugh W. ! If you see anything that I really should have in any particular category, feel free to email me at valoriez at with suggestions. Mention "blog" somewhere in the subject line; I get a LOT of spam and delete, delete, delete!

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