Thursday, December 11, 2003


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Google Earth:, Maps:,

National Atlas of the United States of America:

Oddens’ Bookmarks:

Find out stuff about US places: (also easy links to maps)


TerraServer: (USGS aerial imagery & topographic maps)

  Placename searches:

Google Maps:

Sustrans: UK local maps online. Some show footpaths, carriageways and Roman Roads as well as ruins and ancient sites.

Global Gazetteer - Worldwide Directory of Cities & Towns:

Interactive World Maps/Guide:

Links to Maps, Etchings & Related Subjects:

David Rumsey Map Collection:

MSN's MapPoint:

Modern French Maps:

Antique French maps:

French d├ępartements in 1813 which later became German:

European maps finder:,,

   Also, use -- for instructions, see:

Swedish Gazetteer:

USDA Soil Survey Maps:

"Do It Yourself" Color-Coded State Maps (save as GIF):

Alabama Maps:

Minnesota Maps: (1:24,000 , 1:100,000 & 1:250,000 topo maps)

Scottish Maps:

German Maps:

Distance Calculator - as the crow flies, not by road:

Wonderful blog! Cartography:

Middle Age: When actions creak louder than words.

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