Friday, December 19, 2003

German Genealogy

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Finding places in old Germany:

GEOserv (email process):

German Place Database:

Topography Keyword list with links to sources:
   in German

German Maps: (German & English):

Germany GenWeb:

Links for German Genealogy on the Internet: (in German; IRC chat as well as information): and

Evangelische Archives in Germany:


Passenger Departure Lists of German Emigrants, 1709-1914:

Emigration Lists of Hamburg, 1890 to 1914 (free to search for names, $$$ for complete results of birthplace, state of origin, etc.):

Emigration from/through Bremen & Bremerhaven 1920-1939 - Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank (DAD):
Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939:

French Emigration Indexes:

German History in Postcards:
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Directory of several towns in the Rheinland state of Germany, including lists of births and marriages from the 1600s - 1800s. Some files have 15,000 records! Use Control-F (find) to search each set of records.

"The area covered is quite large, mostly west of the Rhein (Rhine) River up to Koblenz, Bernkastel, Bitburg, the Mosel Valley, over to Trier, and south toward the Saar."

Westdeutsche Gesellschaft fur Familienkunde e.V (in German):

Home page in English: or
- From an article in Rootsweb Review, quoting Jan Hart (12 July 2006, Vol. 9, No. 28)

Language Translation:

Deciphering Older Writing:

Naming customs in Germany and France:

Alsace Genealogy Lists:



European Research:

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