Monday, May 31, 2004

US State Libraries & Archives

US State & County Quick Facts:

National Archives:
Library of Congress:; Ask A Librarian:
Smithsonian Institution (National Museums):
National Genealogy Society:
Federation of US Genealogical Societies:

New England Historic Genealogical Society:
Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society:

Georgia State Archives

Michigan: History, Arts and Libraries:
Naturalization Records Indexes,1607,7-160-17449_18635_20684---,00.html

Oregon State Archives.

Minnesota: (Minnesota historical society)

Mississippi Archives & History:
Historical Society:

Missouri: (Missouri archives) (Missouri historical society)



Nevada State Library & Archives:
Historical Society:

New Hampshire Archives:
Historical Society:

New Jersey: (New Jersey library)
New Jersey State Archives Imaged Collections:
New Jersey State Archives Genealogical Holdings:

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives:
State Library:
Museum of New Mexico:
NM Genealogical Society:
Historical Society:

New York State Library:
New York State Archives:
New York State Museum:
New York State Vital Records:

North Carolina: (North Carolina archives)>HTM#information (NC library)

North Dakota:

Ohio Historical Society: or
Ohio Online Death Certificate Search:

Oklahoma: (Oklahoma museum of history)


Pennsylvania State Archives:
Philadelphia City Archives, Pennsylvania:
Historical Society of Pennsylvania:
The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania:
Commonwealth Libraries: - Email your Reference Question (if this link does not work, click the link on the main page)
State Museum of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg):

Rhode Island:

South Carolina: (South Carolina archives) (old SC papers) (South Carolina historical society) (USC's South Carolina library)

South Dakota:

Tennessee State Library & Archives:






West Virginia: (West Virginia online)

Wisconsin: (Wisconsin historical society) (online Wisconsin libraries)

Wyoming State Archives:
Wyoming State Library:

Julie Hesson provided some of these links; thanks, darlin'!

Every state's US GenWeb Project can be reached by using, where XX is the two-letter US Postal Service abbreviation for that state:
Alabama = AL, Alaska = AK, Arizona = AZ, Arkansas = AR, California = CA, Colorado = CO, Connecticut = CT, Delaware = DE, Dist. of Columbia = DC, Florida = FL, Georgia = GA, Guam = GU, Hawaii = HI, Idaho = ID, Illinois = IL, Indiana = IN, Iowa = IA, Oklahoma/Indian Territory = IT, Kansas = KS, Kentucky = KY, Louisiana = LA, Maine = ME, Maryland = MD, Massachusetts = MA, Michigan = MI, Minnesota = MN, Mississippi = MS, Missouri = MO, Montana = MT, Nebraska = NE, Nevada = NV, New Hampshire = NH, New Jersey = NJ, New Mexico = NM, New York = NY, North Carolina = NC, North Dakota = ND, Ohio = OH, Oklahoma = OK, Oregon = OR, Pennsylvania = PA, Rhode Island = RI, South Carolina = SC, South Dakota = SD, Tennessee = TN, Texas = TX, Utah = UT, Vermont = VT, Virginia = VA, Washington = WA, West Virginia = WV, Wisconsin = WI, Wyoming = WY
Similarly, the state resources at Rootsweb can be reached by this formula:
Linkpendium, too:
Cyndi's List uses: (not caps)

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