Thursday, May 20, 2004


Yikes, the religious right strikes again! The HPV virus vaccine is nearing completion, which will save hundreds and potentially MILLIONS of cases of deadly cervical cancer. However, the right is lining up to oppose vaccinating young women! The New Scientist - Will cancer vaccine get to all women?:
Ellen Goodman's Op-Ed - Sabotaging Abstinence November 10, 2005:

Wonderful, funny, informative post about semen in the Scientific American blogs: For a change, the comments are excellent as well.

Wow! I just finished reading the excellent page What "Sex Ed" Didn't Tell You -- But You Still Need to Know:
   In fact, this entire site is excellent! No ads, and *great* writing.

Also just found an excellent page about anal sex: Ten Rules of Anal Sex. Clear, readable, informative.

I found the anal page via the excellent GUYZ - Gay Urban Youth Zone, which is aimed towards Canadian teens.

Another SUPER site, written very clearly and explicitly:
If only US universities were so considerate of their students!

Online Sex Ed Library from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS):

Sex education for pre-schoolers in Germany; a picture book:, and translation in English:

BBC news on Rethinking the Clitoris:
   I'm sure the US news outlets will be covering this story extensively. Not.....

Don't know how to tell your partner(s) you are infected with an STD? We used to call 'em venereal diseases, which sounds dirtier -- but anyway, send an anonymous email from inSPOT:

His Brain, Her Brain (Scientific American, excellent):

Fun! SIRC Guide to Flirting:

Abstinence message less than penetrating, say AIDS campaigners:
   "Crewe poured scorn on the starchy, thou-must-not tone that invariably accompanied abstinence campaigns. It had little resonance for young people who were burning with sexual energy and eager to experiment. 'We have to make abstinence sexy, not holy,' said Crewe. Altman suggested that governments, religious leaders and families get home the message that 'there are other forms of sexual pleasure than intercourse,' including oral sex and masturbation. 'If the alternative is a massive infection, then people should have to face the fact that prudery should be pushed out of the window.'"

Guide to Safer Sex: has many, many pages worth reading. GREAT site.

Masturbation: and Look at
For guys, JackinWorld:, and The Penis:, which is very complete, let us say. Googling for "female masturbation" finds a few sites, but we women don't seem to be as proud of our pleasures as men are of theirs. I hope that will change in time.

Clean Sheets magazine: - yum! Erotica, politics, and other fun stuff

Great site for the gay boys:

Super site! Scarleteen - sex education for the real world: This site makes porn look BORING!

Cliterati is also fun:


More fun for the girls:

The Brits do it:

Fascinating! Gay Chronicles:

Thanks for the link, Mil!

Hilarious, and just wrong, an so, so fun - Fanfic 'porn,' Harry Potter: Pornish Pixies, The Potter Slash Archive (Welcome to the Real World), and The Mirror of Maybe (unfinished). Other fanfic -

I've been enjoying reading back issues of Savage Love lately. You can get it at The Stranger or The Village Voice, among others. New! Savage Love Podcast
   Super advice from a recent column from a mom to her daughter:
1) Sex is just like eating, breathing, peeing, or anything else your body does, except more fun.
2) If you're not having fun, stop.
3) Porn isn't reality; it's show business.
4) It's okay to enjoy sex with someone you're not in love with, but don't count on sex to make someone like you more.
5) Love isn't what you think.
6) Nobody's perfect.
7) Relax.
8) Drunk/stoned/impaired/coerced/unprotected sex is stupid.
9) If you do it in my bed I will kill you.
10) If you do it without rubbers I might not have to kill you.
Radical Faeries:
   or just Google for it - lots of Radical Faery pages out there

Nice collection of Seattle links:
Lambert House
PFLAG: Renton Meeting, 1st Wednesdays, 7 pm
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 99 Wells Ave. S., Renton

South King County Meeting, 4th Mondays, 7 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church, 25701 14th Pl. South, Des Moines

Of all mankind's ideas, the equating of sex with sin has left the greatest train of trouble. - Barbara Tuckman

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