Saturday, January 10, 2004

Learning GNU/Linux

10 Things a new Linux user needs to unlearn:

Norwegian Minister: Proprietary Formats No Longer Acceptable in Communication with Government:

What your choice of Linux distribution says about you:

Linux-Genealogy List:

LinuxChix:, irc://irc.linuxchix/linuxchix

GNU Project:

Linux Documentation Project:
   How-Tos, Guides, FAQs, Manuals, Linux Gazette

Cheap Bytes:

Google for Linux stuff:

Looking for an equivalent to a Windows program you miss? Table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux:

Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands:

I'm getting involved beyond Linuxchix, in Ubuntu-Women, and the Washington LoCo. Here's my Ubuntu User badge: The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 29818

I'm also part of the Amarok team, getting a new User Handbook together. I love Amarok! Best music player out there.

Linux Counter #343483  Register yourself and be counted!

By the way, lists about 20 genealogy programs for Linux here:

Humor - Proven: Windows is more secure than Linux out of the box:

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.- Joseph Chilton Pearce

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