Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of Spring Links

I know I just did one, but a fresh start is good, too! Plus I want to clean up my tabs again before taking off for Switzerland

Not sure if a fan video has ever *taught* me, but this one did: The Fibonacci in Lateralus (Tool)

GREAT Add-on to FireFox, which preserves all your tabs, but does NOT reload them until you click on them. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much faster my computer feels now! Thanks for this one, Himanshu. I'm using the beta version, by the way.

Wayne Besen explains Why Gay Cultural Progress Is Meeting Stiff Political Resistance:

On the other side, D. Ruth Bavosett calls for a different kind of activism: You are awesome, Ruth!

Can't beat Jon Stewart! Daily Show: The Global War in Your Pants - Jon and the correspondents offer a public service message to the kids about a third option to sex or abstinence. "Boys have a God stick, and girls have a shame cave." Exactly the issue, Jon.

Joe Brockmeier asks, Does Amazon "owe" open source? Maybe a little: I think that we all make choices about ideas and companies we choose to support. Let's consider the kind of a world we want, rather than looking for the cheapest price all the time. I'm willing to pay more for value, and part of value is how companies treat people, and how they treat the Earth.


*Excellent* article about the Tragedy of Sarah Palin. I remember being encouraged when I heard that John McCain had chosen her as his running mate. She had been a smart, popular Governor, and I thought maybe he was returning to his "maverick" roots, which made him one of my favorite Republicans. Instead -- horrors. I really think she could have had a wonderful effect on the United States, instead of the really negative influence she has become. Truly a tragedy.

So funny! Love The Onion:

This is so amazing! The mom or dad who created this marble run - genius!

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