Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fresh Peach Ice Cream

If you can wait, fresh peach yumminess in the Winter

A great way to use a box of ripe peaches. Put four peaches in a freezer bag, and suck out the air before freezing. I use four because they are easy to stack and use. If your family likes this as much as mine did, you can freeze TWO boxes of peaches!

When you want fresh ice cream, take out a peach or two, and run under warm water until the skin comes off. Cut in quarter and remove the pit. Put in the blender or food processor with a bit of sugar, honey, or Splenda, and some milk or soy milk. Blend and enjoy! Add some protein powder and a bit more liquid, and make it a smoothie. Nectarines would probably work, as well -- skip the skin removal step.


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