Thursday, May 04, 2006

Money, Religion and Politics

I have to file this under news and politics, although the problem is that it is NOT news. My friend Bruce has written an explosive blog, full of stuff you have to read! However, he tells the story in a very calm, reasoned manner. Everyone who cares about the state of equal rights around the world, and within the United State, should read this blog. And leave a comment, and blog about it, talk about it, spread the word.

So, go read: Lords Of The New Church

Go on........

If the crazy MySpace (ColdFusion) link doesn't work, try Or click on his name, above, and go to his blog.

"Remember these names: Scaife. Olin. Bradley. Coors. Smith-Richardson. Carthage. Koch. Lambe. Earhart. DeVos. Ahmanson."

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