Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Comparing Genealogy Software

New programs are being released almost constantly! So how do you know what's best for YOU? Here are some sites that might help:

Genealogy Authors’ Software Guide reviews AFT, Family Origins, Family Treemaker, Genbox, Generations, Legacy, PAF, PAF Companion, Roots Magic, TMG & UFT:

Genealogical Software Report Card (last updated in 2000):
   Reviews Ancestral Quest 3, Ancestral Quest 2002, Brother's Keeper 6, Cumberland Family Tree 3, Dynastree 220 (German), Dynastree 330 (German), Family Historian 2.2 (English), Family Matter 97 4.20c, Family Origins 9, Family Tree Creator, Family Tree Maker 8, Family Tree Maker 10, Genbox, Generations Grande Suite 8, Heredis 6 (French), Kith & Kin Pro 1 (Scotch - Scottish?), Legacy 3, Legacy 4 Deluxe, Personal Ancestral File 5.1.12, Relatively Yours II (Australian), Reunion 6 (Mac), Reunion 8 (Mac), RootsMagic, The Master Genealogist 5, Tree-O 2.1, Ultimate Family Tree 3, Win Family 6 (Norwegian), plus Clooz 1.2, Genelines, Enlightenment, Family History on CD, Genealogical Library Master Catalog, Geneweaver, Location, Location, PAF Companion, Progenitor 2.

Genealogy Software Review 2005 (commercial site - Legacy, Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest, Personal Ancestral File, RootsMagic, Family Historian, DoroTree, The Master Genealogist, Cumberland Family Tree, WinFamily, Genbox Family History, Heredis, Famtree):

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