Monday, April 18, 2005


Old Style and New Style Dates and the change to the Gregorian Calendar: A summary for genealogists:

10,000-Year Calendar:

Calendars for the Years 1582-3000:

Frequently Asked Questions about Calendars (web pages, pdf, text file):

Month Names in Germany, France & Switzerland:

The French Républican Calendar:

Roman Numeral Year Dates, A Conversion Guide:

The Julian Calendar:

Regnal Chronologies:

Jewish Calendar:

Western-Chinese Calendar Converter:

Maya/Aztec Calendar calculators:

The Seven-Day Week / Meanings of the Names of the Days:

History of the Months / Meanings of their Names:

History of Calendars:

Interactive Calendars:

Some Unusual Calendars:

Cyndi's List Calendars & Dates:

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