Saturday, January 15, 2005

South Carolina

South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History has put many databases online, searchable by surname, location, or topic. There is a Soundex option, and you can tailor your searches using Boolean search terms, and by limiting to a year-range. Here are a few samples:


Plat Collection of John McCrady ca.1680-1929 8,107
Judgment Rolls (Charleston District) 1791-1839 22,776
Renunciations of Dower Books (Charleston County) 1787-1887 992
Petitions and Decrees in Summary Process (Charleston District) 1791-1823 4,583
Petitions to Practice Law (Charleston District Court of Equity) 1804-1808 8
Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution 1778-1804 11,170
Memorial Books (Copy Series) 1731-1778 21,515
Individual Tax Returns for 1824 1825 5,172
Petitions to Practice Law (Constitutional Court) 1820 1
Judgment Rolls (Court of Common Pleas) 1703-1790 14,981
Renunciations of Dower Books (Court of Common Pleas) 1726-1786 2,028
Petitions and Decrees in Summary Process (Common Pleas) 1783-1790 292
Petitions to Practice Law (Court of Appeals [1824-36]) 1825-1836 154

The entire list is here:

The documents are grouped as follows:
Index to Multiple Record Series ca. 1675-1929 - 172,325 items
Will Transcripts 1782-1855 - 10,567 items
Confederate Pension Applications 1919-1938 - 10,242 items
Plats for State Land Grants 1784-1868 - 51,701 items
Legislative Papers 1782-1866 - 52,567 items
Criminal Journals 1769-1776 - 2,087 items
School Insurance Photographs 1935-1952 - 2,662 items
TOTAL: 302,151 items

Search databases that index records located at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History:

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