Friday, December 03, 2004

Commonwealth Soldiers KIA, Belgium & France

Murray Pletsch passes along a wonderful offer on the Upper Canada list. Mr. Moors notes that he is currently backlogged with requests ... and a delay should be expected. But what a wonderful offer! He doesn't mention Americans, and I'm not sure how many Americans died and are buried in Belgium and France. Thanks to Murray for passing along this kind and generous email.

Australian WWII Nominal Roll:
WWII Service Records:

Canadian Military Records and Service Files (all wars):

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (both World Wars, all of the Commonwealth):

American Battle Monuments Commission site:


I'm a World War 1 researcher from Belgium. For the moment I'm doing a lot of research for Australians, New Zealanders, Irish, Canadians and British to locate their family members who were killed during the Great War in Belgium or France.

If you have any relative who fought in my country during the WW1, I would be glad the locate him and sent you a picture of his headstone. This is free of charge. (For searches and pictures in France ask for details).

The only thing I would like in return is his picture.


If the picture is of good quality then I plastify it and place it next to the headstone. This way the thousands of tourists who visit these cemeteries can see who's really buried there and do not just see the lonely, sad stone.

If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact me


Johan Moors -

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