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Films listed here are also available through the FHL, and are often better quality through the LDS.

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Thanks to François from the Trier-Roots-L for these links. Many Luxembourg place-names appear with spelling variations. According to the Onomastics page, because Luxembourg is on language borders between germanic and romanic languages, "place names may have diverging German, French or Luxembourgish versions.... Luxembourg place names that can be found on the road maps and official modern documents are the French ones. In older records the German names can be found frequently. Signposts at the entrance of villages and towns bear the French name and underneath in italics the Luxembourgish name in case it differs. The Luxembourg place names are those used by the Luxembourgers in everyday life. Frequently records abroad regarding emigrated Luxembourgers bear the place names in Luxembourgish language." Consult the Institut Grand-Ducal pages for all the village name variations.

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