Sunday, February 29, 2004

Pedigrees of Famous Folks

Notable Americans, by Gary Boyd Roberts:

From a post to the APG-L today: "The ancestors of Senator John Kerry are ready now and on my site available (except the translation of the pedigree into English).
   A Jewish Czech in John Kerry's Court by Jennifer Anne Perez:

Ronald Reagan's ancestry:
In June 1984, Reagan visited Ballyporeen, Ireland, to see documents that proved his great-grandfather, Michael Regan, had been born in a small hamlet in County Tipperary.

Forbes has an article about Presidential burial spots:

Kimberly Powell has Presidential Genealogies:

Other famous folks

1930 Census Images of the Rich and Famous

More years - 250 census enumerations for well-known Americans:

CyndisList Famous People:

Celebrity Trees:

Famous Scotss:

Wills of the Famous:

Wills of Famous People:

GenealogySpot Famous People:

Dead People Server:

Clatsop County Oregon Genealogical Society is publishing a book of the descendants of the Corp of Discovery, commonly known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition:

Corp Members
Captain Meriwether Lewis (collateral)
Captain William Clark (Direct & Collateral)
Sgt. Patrick Gass (Direct & Collateral)
Sgt. Nathaniel Pryor (Direct, Collateral)
Sgt. Charles Floyd (Collateral)
Sgt. John Ordway (Collateral)
Pvt. Reuben Field (Collateral)
Pvt. Joseph Field (Collateral)
Pvt. John Shields (Collateral)
Pvt. John Colter (Direct)
Pvt. William E. Bratton (Direct) (Collateral)
Pvt. William Werner
Pvt. George Shannon (Direct & Collateral)
Pvt. Peter M. Weiser (Collateral)
Pvt. Alexander Willard (Direct)
Pvt. Joseph Whitehouse (Collateral)
George Drouillard (Collateral)
Toussaint Charbonneau (Collateral)
Sacagawea (Collateral)

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