Monday, March 23, 2009

President Obama, Please Protect and Uphold the Constitution

Please do what you have sworn to do, twice. A wise commenter on Pam's House Blend says, "If the California Supreme Court rules that the majority has the right, by a simple majority vote, to deprive members of minorities of constitutionally guaranteed rights, it will mark the end of America as a political idea, as a political and philosophic bastion against tyranny."

But the rule of law is not only under attack in California. Right now, rather than appointing a special prosecutor to investigate war crimes under the Bush administration, you are BLOCKING all efforts to bring these criminal up on charges. Do you want them prosecuted abroad? They must be called to account, and it must be here in the United States, and it must be soon, Mr. President. When will you appoint a prosecutor?

NEW: Today's news includes: Spanish Court Considers Trying Former US Officials: Spanish court considers trying former US officials over allegations of Guantanamo torture. This will continue until WE bring them to account.

You have said you would eliminate two of the blights on civil rights of LGBT people, DOMA and DADT (Denial/Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask, Don't Tell), two of the worst vestiges of the Clinton presidency. Constitutional scholars agree that DOMA directly attacks the "full faith and credibility" clause of the Constitution. It must be removed! And DADT is slowly eroding our military, based on no solid research -- quite the opposite. The authors of that deeply flawed policy are now calling for its removal, as are many retired Generals. Please move on this quickly.

The Washington Post recently on DOMA:

I'm deeply disturbed, President Obama, by your slow going on the worst of the civil rights erosions of the Bush era. NO ONE should be held without cause. NO ONE should be subjected to warrantless wiretaps -- ever. NO ONE should be held abroad by Americans, when we can not legally hold them here in this country. Charge the criminals, and let the courts do their work. Get warrants, and let the police do their work. Saying that you will stop doing these things, or changing the labels for the prisoners, will not repair the damage. Only the legal process can do that.

More Immunity Claims on Wiretapping from Obama DOJ:

Echoing Bush's lies, "we do not torture" -- that is not enough. Those who OK'd and order the torture need to be charged and prosecuted. Only in this way can we protect our nation from tyrants who seek to do what you so nicely SAY, but do not DO -- follow our values, follow our laws, follow our Constitution! Close the prison in Guantanamo, the one in Baghdad, the secret prisons. Expose the truth to the world by allowing the law to disassemble this effigy of tyranny.

I would appreciate readers contributing reputable sourcing.

A guarantee of equality that is subject to exceptions made by a majority is no guarantee at all. - Therese Stewart, San Francisco City attorney, representing plaintiffs, California State Supreme Court, March 5, 2009